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Can Online Learning Help with Test and Admissions Prep in Singapore?

The Internet has made it easier than ever for students in Singapore to access resources online to supplement their learning. With hybrid learning environments becoming the norm, online courses have proliferated to help students achieve their learning goals, whether it’s test prep and admission or coaching for specific subjects. 

Gateway+ is one such platform that helps students to gain admission to their chosen undergraduate or postgraduate track. No matter what academic path you’re planning to embark on, there are advantages to subscribing to an online platform to help you with both test preparation and admissions. Here are some of them:

1. It can accommodate your learning needs

Online learning has revolutionised education as it allows students to personalise the way they learn. If you prefer video lessons to stay engaged, several learning platforms offer proprietary on-demand video lessons that you can access round the clock. Some even provide one-on-one coaching and allow you to access practice tests for the required exams for University admissions in Singapore and abroad, such as UCAT, ISAT, SAT, BMAT, and more.

If you’re looking for an online learning platform that provides everything mentioned above and more, Gateway+ is the learning tool for you. We offer subscription plans that give you access to courses with content that covers all you need for University admissions and test preparation. A subscription has hundreds of on-demand videos, full-length mock tests and diagnostic tests, a moderated community forum, weekly live Q&A sessions and more. With these diverse resources at your fingertips, you can mix and match them to fit your learning style and accommodate your needs seamlessly.

2. You can learn at your own pace

Online learning provides students with full control over their studies, ridding the need for a fixed curriculum to be completed within a limited time frame. Instead, you can go through test prep and admission courses at your own pace. 

To track your progress with how you are getting along with your test preparation and admissions, Gateway+ has features wherein students can track their weekly progress. This serves as both a form of motivation and an indispensable guide to highlight skills and modules that need more attention when aiming to acquire the knowledge necessary to ace any test. This could be especially useful for those preparing for the UCAT in Singapore since this admissions exam is time-sensitive and adds a lot of pressure on students. With a visual breakdown of areas that require additional attention, students can take things one step at a time while not losing sight of what they need to study.

3. It is more cost-effective

What’s great about subscribing to online education platforms like Gateway+ is that you can get learning resources and tools at a fixed price rather than paying additional costs for access to different tools. If you need practice tests for your ISAT or SAT or if you need resources for admission preparation, you can get all that and more in one place when you subscribe to any of our plans.

4. Quick and effective delivery of lessons

Given the freedom to learn at your own pace, with online learning, you can quickly move on to the next subject once you’ve gained familiarity and comprehension of a subject matter. You don’t have to wait for other individuals to keep up with you or for a teacher to decide if it’s time to move on to a new topic. At the same time, on-demand video lessons allow you to learn on the go. Whether you want to do something productive while commuting or waiting for a friend, you can browse through video lessons for your BMAT, GMAT, or whichever exam you’re preparing for without hassle.

At Gateway+, we make this possible for you. Our videos are accessible to you wherever you may be so you don’t fall behind. Our professional instructors also make sure to deliver lessons to you comprehensively and effectively to help you achieve success in your admissions to Singapore universities or universities abroad.

Your Partner in Test Prep and Admissions in Singapore

Be more confident in your university test prep and admissions by subscribing to Gateway+’s undergraduate and post-graduate training courses. We even offer a 14-day FREE trial of our monthly or annual subscription, providing you with a convenient conduit to experience our on-demand video lessons and access the University 101 pathway. 

Sign up for our learning plan today!

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