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Taking the SAT in Singapore 2021: Test Dates, Registration Fee and Where to Take It

Updated for candidates taking the SAT in 2022: Click here to find out Where to take the SAT in Singapore 2022

For 2021, the latest available test dates for the normal SAT, and for the SAT Subject Tests, are as follows:

2021 SAT Test Dates in Singapore

DateSAT AvailableSAT Subject Test Available
June 5th 2021NoYes
August 28th 2021 (Anticipated)Yes
October 2nd 2021 (Anticipated)Yes
December 4th 2021 (Anticipated)Yes

Please note that the SAT Subject Tests will no longer be administered beyond June 2021. More information about the cancellation can be obtained via College Board.



Where to Take the SAT Test in Singapore

Singapore has multiple locations available as SAT Test Centers, but registration is always through the CollegeBoard website. To confirm, we recommend you check their page for specific dates and availability, but typically the test in Singapore is offered at:

  • Anglo-Chinese Junior College, 25 Dover Close East, Singapore
  • Canadian International School, 7 Jurong West Street 41, Singapore, Singapore
  • Dulwich College Singapore, 71 Bukit Batok West Avenue 8, Singapore
  • Furen International School, 8 Claymore Hill, # 01-01, Singapore
  • Hwa Chong Institution, 661 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore
  • NPS International School, 10 + 12 Chai Chee Lane, Singapore
  • Singapore Management University (SESS), School Of Economics + Social Science, Singapore, Singapore
  • Singapore Management University (SOL), Yung Pung How School Of Law, Singapore, Singapore
  • Stamford American International School, 1 Woodleigh Lane, Singapore


Cost of Registering for the SAT in Singapore

When registering for the SAT on the CollegeBoard website you must decide whether or not to include the SAT Essay component in the registration, which is sometimes either required or recommended for certain US Universities. Just taking the normal SAT is priced at $52.00, while with the Essay it is $68.00. All costs are in US Dollars and correct at time of writing.

The cost of registering for the SAT in Singapore will also include a “Non-U.S. Regional Fee”, currently set at $53.00 for the East Asia/Pacific region. There can also be a Test Centre Fee of $24.00, but typically not in Singapore.

A late registration fee can also be charged, but Singapore’s Test Centers usually fill-up well in advance of the test date, so take care to register early to secure your seat! If you do secure a seat through the Waitlist you will be charged a further Waitlist Fee of $53.00 on the day, so try to get in early to avoid that.


Changing Your SAT Registration

If you need to, it is possible to change your SAT registration to a new Centre or Date, provided there are seats available, but you would need to pay a $30.00 fee. You can also pay the Change Fee to switch from the regular SAT to the SAT Subject Tests or vice versa, for example, if you booked a “back-up” SAT date but already secured your desired result.

For those “adding-on” the Essay, you only have to top-up the difference, so don’t worry about penalties!

If you have any questions at all about the SAT, Subject Tests, or the scores needed for selective universities please reach out to our consultants.

If you are still unsure what the SAT will be like, you can take our Free Diagnostic Test on Gateway+! With a 7-day trial, you can also learn more about the test formats and scoring system. The SAT course on Gateway+ is a comprehensive course developed by our coach who personally scored in the 100th percentile.

Thinking of taking the SAT in Singapore? ICON+ has been helping students ace the SAT since 1999, with our students averaging scores in the top 4%, so you can trust us to keep you up to date with the latest info from the CollegeBoard on the SAT.

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