PTE Course Overview

This course begins with an overview of the format and components of PTE. After completing the introductory lesson, you will have a better understanding of the skills and knowledge points that you’ll need to master for the test.

This course will integrate literal, inferential and evaluative skills to help you comprehend the Reading section of the PTE. You will learn how to answer multiple-choice questions, reorder paragraphs and fill in blanks of a variety of reading material.

Each chapter encompasses a series of practice questions that allow you to immediately reinforce and apply what you’ve learned.

This course will walk you through the active skills needed to master the Listening section of the PTE. The courses include topics  that range from decoding summarizing spoken test to highlighting correct summaries of spoken passages.

Each lesson is followed by a set of practice questions, allowing you to reinforce and apply what you’ve learned right away.

This course will equip you with necessary skills to enhance your communication skills that especially crucial for the Speaking section of PTE. The lessons are structured such that you build on your speaking proficiency. You will learn how to introduce  yourself, how to accentuate your words and stitch perfect sentences.

You can practice your abilities and improve your mastery by answering the sets of practice questions after you’ve finished the classes.

This course will give you the knowledge and skills needed to manage well on the Writing Section of the PTE, with a greater focus on the task’s specifications and time management. The courses will take you level down through each step of the essay writing, including demonstrating whether you agree or disagree with the writing prompt to creating a set of supporting arguments and showing your reader your ability to empathize and understand different perspectives.

Review the topics covered in the previous courses and then see how you fare in a full-length mock test!

Each of the two** mock tests contains three sections, just like what you will find in an actual PTE.

You can attempt each test up to three times. If you feel unsure about any topic or question type, feel free to return to the earlier courses to review the lessons before reattempting the tests.

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