Applying to Medicine


If you’re an aspiring doctor, you’ve probably heard how rigorous the admissions process can be. Acceptance rates usually fall between 10-20%, and can be even more selective if you are applying as an international student.

We have worked with many academically bright students (read: straight A’s) who seek help after getting a rejection letter. Let’s look at our stats: 83% of students we have worked with succeed on their first attempt vs. 15% who are successful on subsequent attempt. While our students outperform standard acceptance rates by a huge margin, it’s so clear to us that they have a significantly better chance of getting an offer if they do it right the first time!

It’s important to understand what medical schools are looking for beyond stellar grades. After all, medical studies are one of the toughest courses. Admissions officers want to attract candidates with the right motivation, attitude and skills.

Medicine Course Overview

Our Medicine course will highlight the qualities that are critical to admissions officers and how they align with your own. This fundamental step will set the tone for the rest of your application, from your portfolio to your personal statement and interviews. We’ve also included courses on the ISAT, UCAT and BMAT – admissions tests that you have to take in order to apply. So don’t mess up on those! Learn tried and tested strategies that have helped our students get ahead of the curve!
You will learn to:
  • Appreciate the expectations of medical students and professionals
  • Construct your application strategy, from school selection to personal branding, to get the best results
  • Work through your application requirements in a mindful, intentional and timely manner
  • Adapt and craft your communication to fit specific admissions culture (Asia vs. Australia vs. UK)
  • Integrate feedback from your teachers/counselors/seniors
  • Get feedback from our experts
  • Manage waitlist decisions and formulate Plan B

Sign up for the free 14-day trial to get access to University 101, which will lay the foundation of your application. The free trial will also give you access to the UCAT, BMAT and ISAT diagnostic tests.

Our flat $199 monthly subscription covers Medicine-focused applications, Scholarship applications, BMAT, UCAT, ISAT and PTE test preparation. Upgrade to $1,399 annual subscription to enjoy 50% discount and Season Pass to access live group coaching – that’s 12 months’ support for everything you need to put together a solid application. Similar services are priced 3-5 times by other companies. We offer expertise at an exceptional value because we believe everyone has a right to quality higher education and life-opportunities. 

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What You Can Expect

95 lessons of online lectures


This course will guide you through the recommended techniques and strategies to help you excel well in every component of the Medicine admission process.

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Interactive test modules


Studying for the BMAT, UCAT and/or ISAT?

Put what you learn into practice with our interactive modules for test prep. You will have the opportunity to practice questions throughout and have multiple full length mock tests at the end of the course.

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Community support and live Q&A session


We have forums and community spaces where you can ask questions and interact with other learners. We also hold monthly Q and A sessions where you get to interact with a seasoned test preparation coach. 

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