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How to Manage University Admissions Anxiety: Start Early

September is just around the corner and that means you’re probably knee-deep in university prep on top of your regular academic responsibilities. Or maybe you’re still trying to figure out what you even want to study at university. Regardless of where you are in your journey, deadlines for admissions are coming up for OxBridge and Medicine courses in the UK and early decision and action in the US. 


Competition for university admissions continue to climb

The stats every year demonstrate just how cutthroat the world of university admissions has become. Big-name schools like Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, Princeton, just to name a few, rejected almost 96 percent of its applicants even though many of those rejected had great academics and stellar test scores. If you’re considering these schools, these stats may seem scary and admissions to these schools might seem close to impossible. 

 But increasingly, it’s simply not enough to be an academically strong student with great test scores. Those objective characteristics might get your foot into the door to be considered, but it is the way that your entire application is packaged and how strongly and convincingly you convey your value proposition that ends up sealing the deal.

 Following A Levels results day in the UK, there are students who are struggling to find university places as they miss out on their first choices. This has resulted in a huge surge in finding spots through clearing, according to The Guardian.  

Given that there is a higher number of students applying, especially with the normalization of COVID-19, offers are comparatively fewer and tougher than in 2021 with the 2022 cohort being more likely to fall short of the grades that they were predicted. Compared to the numbers from last year 20,360 applicants have been left without a place on a course, compared to 13,930 in 2021.

So, what’s the solution?

Every year, thousands of students and parents scramble at the last minute to put their applications together. We don’t mention the low acceptance rates and students left without a place on a course just to scare you. But rather in the face of continued rising competition and limited spaces, we want to remind you of the importance of mindful planning. Especially if you have hopes to attend university abroad, it’s critical to understand the university admissions landscape when you prepare for your journey. 

Information is key and when you are simply more aware of the nature of the current admissions climate, you will consequently be more empowered about your application options and strategies.

What should planning entail?

With test-optional policies becoming the norm for US colleges, for many parents questioning the ROI on expensive tuition fees, with gap years and transfers becoming more common, the university application process can seem labyrinth and as opaque and confusing as ever. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. 


All it takes is just a little more foresight, from both parents and students. To start thinking about what you want, what your needs are, what your goals are and how all those can align.

Applying to university is not simply just going through a straightforward checklist of submitting grades and completing a few extracurricular activities. With Gateway+, no matter what path you are intending to pursue, we have built out a comprehensive admissions plan and process, guiding you through the nitty gritty of all different stages of the application.You can start your free-14 day trial now , laying the critical foundation of what you will need as you progress along your journey.

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