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To the future,

We help students and professionals achieve their future goals through our systems and solutions.

The Original Minds Group is in the business of Future Mapping. We empower our clients — individuals, educational institutions, corporations and government organisations — with the skills and knowledge to reach their full potential.

The Original Minds Group (OMG) is the holding company for Icon, Gateway and Aureus.

Icon was founded in 1999 to provide comprehensive standardised test preparation and admissions coaching for students embarking on their university education.

Aureus was founded in 2009 to extend Icon’s services to include career and professional coaching.

Gateway is the newest to the group and aims to democratise learning with online learning systems, customised content and proprietary hybrid curriculum design.

Strategic Partnerships

Our List of Partners


Amplify your brand, value-add to your service offering and generate new revenue

01 / Marketing Enablement and Opportunities

Grow your business with ample co-marketing and social-co-hosting opportunities. You will get early access to upcoming campaigns, features on our blog and more. You will also receive clean, easy-to-use OMG assets and links to add to your site.

02 / Join our ecosystem for experts

Value-add to your service offering and establish your voice and reputation. By becoming an OMG affiliate, you will be surrounded by leading industry experts.


Be part of our journey,

If you are an active investor, business angel and/or venture capitalist, and have a high interest in high technology-based solutions in the EduTech segment, we invite you to join us as we embark on our exciting journey. 

OMG brings a fresh perspective to the coaching and admissions prep industry. By investing in us, you enable our team for further innovation and alternative thinking. Your advice and insights are valuable to us as we push toward our goals.

We have room for substantial growth, and you have an opportunity to buy-in at an early stage at an attractive price to maximise the growth potential of OMG.

By investing with OMG, you are investing in a local and innovative company that fills a gap in the market and solving problems that have yet to be solved by larger companies. Beyond financial motivation, we are looking at sustainability in the way we make a difference to our clients and the communities we serve.

Add an exciting, vibrant and agile company to diversify your investment portfolio. We are at the forefront of emerging trends, innovation and shaping the future of our industry, and you can participate in this journey with us.

Years of

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