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UK vs US: What University Admissions Officers are Looking for

The experience of living and studying overseas is a truly formative experience—you learn to be independent, to navigate different cultures, and to explore an environment different from the one you grew up in. With the US and UK being home to many of the world’s

The Complete Guide to UCAT Test Preparation in Singapore

The UCAT is one of the most important exams to take if you want to pursue Medicine in the United Kingdom, Australia, and/or New Zealand. It’s a 2-hour multiple choice admissions test used by universities as part of their requirements. Your capabilities will be tested

Can Online Learning Help with Test and Admissions Prep in Singapore?

The Internet has made it easier than ever for students in Singapore to access resources online to supplement their learning. With hybrid learning environments becoming the norm, online courses have proliferated to help students achieve their learning goals, whether it’s test prep and admission or

Laying the Groundwork for Medicine Interviews

Receiving a Medical school interview invitation is simultaneously exciting and nerve-wracking. It is the final hurdle to starting your med school journey and it can be overwhelming figuring out how to best prepare for it.  The Purpose of a Medical School Interview Understanding what admissions

How to Support Your Child Through BMAT Preparation in Singapore

Universities around the world use the BioMedical Admissions Test (BMAT) to choose qualified applicants for their medical, biomedical, dental, and veterinary programmes. The BMAT  tests candidates’ capabilities in science, mathematics, critical thinking, problem-solving, and written communication skills, which are of utmost importance in such scientifically-driven

All You Need to Know about Veterinarian Studies

If you’ve got a passion for working with or learning about animals, you may be considering going into the veterinary sciences. This field encompasses a wide range of career options and can allow you to explore different areas at a broad or specific level. In

Understand your GMAT Score Report

This article is dedicated to understanding more about your GMAT score report. So without further ado, let me dive straight into the details. Firstly, you will receive a printout right after the exam detailing your score. Keep this piece of paper safe, as it contains

Eight Key Tips to Nail the IELTS Speaking Test

Most people experience some level of anxiety during a test. How could they not? They are questioned and evaluated by someone with superior knowledge in order to get the results on which so many things might depend. That sounds tough. Still, you should not allow

IELTS Formal Business Letter

The General Training IELTS involves writing a letter as task 1 in the Writing section. The letter has to be written in 20 minutes so that there is ample time left for task 2, essay writing. Now, there are quite a few different types of
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