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Can Online Courses Help in Post-Graduate Test Prep and Admissions in Singapore?

Many advantages come with studying for a post-graduate degree. This includes career advancement opportunities, increasing your income potential, and most importantly, refining your skills in your chosen field. 

Similar to undergraduate university admissions, most post-graduate programmes will also require applicants to pass entrance exams to prove their relative readiness to take their education further. 

Which exam you’ll have to take will depend on the post-graduate programme you’re planning to enroll in. For those planning to pursue a Medical post-graduate programme, you will need to sit for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). If you’re planning on attending business school, you will have to take the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT). If you are considering pursuing  your graduate studies in an English-speaking country, like the UK, Australia, the US, or Canada, you might also have to take an English proficiency test, such as the Pearson Test of English (PTE), TOEFL or IELTS.

Proper preparation for these exams is critical if you want to get into a post-graduate programme in your university of choice, whether it’s in Singapore or abroad. This is where enrolling in an online test prep course can be useful in your preparation. 

Online MCAT, PTE, and GMAT courses in Singapore are available to help you gain optimal results in the exams and post-graduate admissions. One such online platform that offers test prep courses for post-graduate applicants is Gateway+. There is an abundance of video lessons, learning materials, and coaching resources, among others, to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to get into your chosen post-graduate programme at your university of choice. 

Below, we explore in detail how an online test prep course can equip you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to succeed in your graduate studies admissions. 

1. Access Video Lessons on Post-Graduate Admissions

One major benefit of online test prep courses in Singapore is that you can access video lessons anytime and anywhere as long as you have your mobile device or laptop. This is convenient if you prefer studying at home or want a change of environment and prefer to study at the library or cafe. 

There are hundreds of on-demand video lessons to prepare you for your admissions journey. Instructors on the courses will run you through techniques and strategies that will help you ace the different post-graduate tests, like GMAT, MCAT, and PTE. 

2. Try Practice Questions for the MCAT, GMAT, and PTE

Most online test prep courses in Singapore come with practice questions and mock exams for post-graduate admissions. Having practice questions for MCAT, PTE, and GMAT as a guide for entrance exam preparation allows you to know what topics you should focus on when you study. Additionally, full-length mock exams enable you to know what sections of the test you may struggle with, so you can work on improving before the actual day. 

Our monthly and annual subscription plan will give you access to thousands of practice questions for MCAT, PTE and GMAT. To test your knowledge and skills so far, we also provide full-length mock tests and diagnostic tests. Get all the materials you need to help you study by signing up for our online post-graduate courses in Singapore. 

3. Receive One-on-One Coaching 

Often, online test prep courses in Singapore may only rely on video lessons as a way to guide you through studying for GMAT, MCAT, and PTE. However no two applicants are the same, and perhaps one may need more guidance in exam preparation than the other. This is where there may be a need for additional one-on-one coaching from instructors. 

With Gateway+, you can consult our team on  integrating personal coaching into your monthly or annual subscription plan. Should you need extra support in your test prep in Singapore, our instructors can personally work with you on how you can fully leverage our learning tools and materials for successful post-graduate admissions. 

4. Engage With a Community Forum of Post-Graduate Students for Learning Support

Preparing for your GMAT, PTE, or MCAT and post-graduate admissions can be challenging. Sometimes the stress can be overwhelming, especially when you’re going through test prep courses in Singapore by yourself. However, finding a community of people who are going through a similar experience as you can help with the stress and motivate you through difficult times.

One of our aims at Gateway+ is to foster a supportive and driven online community where learners will help each other achieve success in their post-graduate admissions. We have a moderated community forum where you can interact with other applicants in Singapore to share experiences and advice related to test prep and post-graduate studies. 

Your Study Partner for Success in Your Post-Graduate Admissions

Feel confident in your post-graduate admissions by signing up for Gateway+’s post-graduate course. Choose between our monthly or annual subscription plan, and gain access to different learning tools and resources that help you succeed in post-graduate University admissions — all at a fixed price. 

You can also get started with our 14-Day FREE TRIAL for a glimpse of what we have to offer. 

If you want to learn more about our online test prep courses in Singapore and how we can help you with post-graduate admissions, please contact us today.

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