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Ambassador Spotlight: Christopher Nolan Adams

My experience with Gateway has been nothing short of transformative. From the moment I applied for the Brand Ambassadorship, I knew I had made the right choice for my academic and personal growth.

Before Gateway, my plans for university were vague. I was joining organisations left and right, in hopes of finding a field or area I could potentially pursue in higher education. As application season approached, I was worried that my plans for the future were not solidifying. This prompted me to look for additional help and assistance to help ease my university application and decision making process. This was where Gateway came in. 

My journey with Gateway has been facilitated by my coach— I don’t where I’d be today without him. Our first few meetings were focused on self-discovery and solidifying my areas and subjects of interest. My coach drilled me with questions to guide my reflection process and thoroughly consider my options [Majors, universities, etc]. Additionally we worked through templates and exercises that allowed me to think about what’s important when looking for universities, majors, future life goals, and school life. This helped align my field of study with my ideal life, and having my coach to hold me accountable in this process has assisted me in choosing the right major for me: Medicine.

The coaching process also helped me in the tangible steps of the application procedure. My coach made sure my CV would make me a strong candidate and build my personal brand by encouraging me to start internships, virtual job shadowing experiences, and clinical attachments. Furthermore, we worked on personal statements and interview processes to help me increase my chances of successfully getting into my dream university.

But the learning doesn’t stop within the online coaching sessions. Gateway’s interactive online videos on the learning platform gave me easy access to information compacted into 10-15 minute videos that made my personal research experience so much easier, faster, and more efficient.

In short, the experienced counselors provided expert insights, helping me identify the best-fit institutions and present my achievements effectively. Their assistance in crafting compelling essays and preparing for interviews was pivotal in securing my admission to a university that aligns perfectly with my aspirations. The program not only alleviated the stress of applications but also equipped me with essential skills for success in higher education and beyond.

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